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Armed with bold commitment to our clients, passion for justice, faithful service and accountability, using our expertise in trial law, OURS IS A SINGLE-MINDED PURPOSE: TO MAXIMIZE OUR CLIENTS' RECOVERY PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY & FINANCIALLY.

Our Winning Cases

Please feel free to review the following accomplishments and successes Mr. Finley has been personally honored with over the past few years, and feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to serving as trial lawyer for you, your family, your friends, your patients or your clients, to win their cases in court:

Automobile Accidents

Slip and fall on recurrent oily condition of ramp in parking garage, causing fractured tibial plateau knee fracture.
Trial Verdict: $1,200,000.00

Motor vehicle collision with commercial tractor trailer truck, causing herniated disc in low back necessitating laminectomy and sicectomy at L5 S1 vertebrae.
Jury Verdict: $7,500,000.00

Construction Workers

Fall through and open stairway shaft during erection of a building, bursting his spine at the L2 level.
Total Jury Award, plus interest: $3,175,000.00

Overhead beam falls striking worker, requiring neck fusion surgery and major shoulder surgery.
Settlement after Mediation hearing: $4.5 million dollars

Construction bulldozer backing up without rear view mirrors, no reverse signal sound devices, no flagmen directing traffic, completely runs over workers lower leg, causing 8 different surgical procedures, ultimately diagnosed with "failed" surgery, permanently out of work.
Settlement after Mediation hearing: $3.9 milllion dollars

Medical Malpractice

Two incidents of failure to diagnose shoulder dystocia during labor and delivery; medical emergency causing Erb's Palsey
Settlement amount $2,900,000.00
Settlement amount $1,700,000.00

Medical Malpractice

• Failure to Diagnose Severe Back Pain and Delay in Performing Surgery Resulting in Permanent Urinary and Bowel Incontinence
Settlement Amount: $2,000,000.00

• Failure to Remove Placental Tissue Following Cesarean Section
Settlement During Trial: $1,400,000.00

• Federal Court - Severed Common Bile Duct During Gallbladder Surgery and Failure to Diagnose Abscess with Liver Damage
Settlement Amount from Prospect Hospital: $500,000.00
Jury Verdict Against Lincoln Hospital: $650,000.00
Total Client Recovery: $1,125,000.00

• Wrongful prescription and administration of phenobarbitol to child, causing severe allergic reaction and death.
Settlement Award: $1,000.00

• Failure to Treat Thrombus Necrosis Causing Loss of Two Fingertips
Jury Award: $1,000,000.00

• Failure to Diagnose Cancer of the Throat
Courthouse Settlement: $837,000.00

• Failure to Diagnose Appendicitis and Ruptured Appendix
Jury Award: $510,000.00

• Infant Extravasation During I.V. Placement
Settlement During Trial: $250,000.00

• Negligent Removal of Urethral Foley Catheter
Jury Award: $125,000.00


• Passenger Suffering From a Herniated Disc, Nasal Fracture, Anosmia and Concussion After Broadside Accident
Jury Award: $1,225,000.00

• Rear-end Accident Causing Aggravation of Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
Trial Verdict: $1,100,000.00

• Husband and Wife Christmas shopping for their children struck by vehicle going through a red light, requiring each to undergo shoulder surgery.
Trial verdict: for husband $600,000.00

Trial verdict: for wife $300,000.00

• One Car Accident Where Client Drove Over Construction Site Rubble in Broad Daylight. Client Broadsided by another vehicle resulting in shoulder rotator cuff damage and dislocation
Settlement During Trial: $600,000.00

• Client Broadsided by Another Vehicle Resulting in Rotator Cuff and Dislocation
Jury Award: $290,000.00

• Rear-end Accident Causing Bulging Neck Disc after Settlement Offer of $7,500.00 was Refused by Client
Jury Award: $250,000.00

• Mother With Musculoskeletal Sprains and 7-Year-Old Child With Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms Resulting From a Rear-end Accident
Total Jury Award: $120,000.00

Slip and Fall

• Maritime-Jones Act Claim for a Torn Gluteus Muscle Resulting From a Marine Seaman's Slip and Fall on a Waxed Galley Staircase
Jury Award: $415,000.00

• Slip and Fall on Wet Ramp in Defendant's Basement Causing a Fractured Patella
Settlement During Trial: $250,000.00

• Client With Fractured Wrist as the Result of Un-shoveled Snow and Ice in Parking Lot
Courthouse Settlement: $250,000.00

• Fractured Ankle as the Result of a Defective Sidewalk
Courthouse Settlement: $235,000.00

Premises Liability/Defective Property

• Injury to Child Resulting from Inappropriately Placed Mirror at Day Care
Trial Verdict: $300,000.00

• Defective Apartment Window Resulting in Injury to Tip of Non-Dominant Middle Finger
Settlement Amount: $200,000.00

Construction Accidents

• Fall From Scaffolding Causing Wrongful Death
Settlement During Trial: $1,800,000.00

• Misleveled Scaffolding Resulting in Soft Tissue Neck Injuries
Courthouse Settlement: $250,000.00

Pedestrian Knockdowns

• Fractured Tibia as the Result of a Knockdown in Central Park West
Settlement Amount: $500,000.00

• Injuries Caused by an Automobile Knockdown of Client who was Crossing Fordham Road Against a Green Light
Settlement Amount: $250,000.00

Police Brutality

• Excessive Force and Failure to Follow Patrol Guidelines Resulting in Wrongful Death
Jury Award: $2,900,000.00

Fire and Smoke

• Failure by Landlord to Provide Smoke Detectors Resulting in Wrongful Death of Child and Smoke Inhalation Injury by Father
Total Jury Award: $1,200,000.00

Lead Poisoning Exposure

• Four year old infant exposed to lead in peeling paint in private apartment building; failure to abate even after notice of numerous building violations by NYC inspectors.
Settlement amount $450,000.00

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